Furry Fandom 24/7/365

FursonaPod Podcast

FursonaPod is a twice-per-month podcast, posted on the 1st and 15th, hosted by XiathRainstarShadow the Wusky, and Zaaz. Based in Arizona, United States. Started in 2009 by Zaaz, FursonaPod’s goal is to present and discuss topics relating to furry fandom in a PG to possibly WEB-14 format. Each episode is focused around a single, furry fandom related topic. Other show segments include guest introductions, the Fur Affinity Five, and Listener Mail.

FursonaPod 2.0

On the 13 of August of 2010, FursonaPod posted an episode titled “Fursonapod Ep25 – The End” Which was originally supposed to be the final episode of FursonaPod. However, Zaaz, Who was the owner at the time, offered the cast to anyone who wanted it. When this happened, an 18 year old kid in Arizona named Xiath decided and take over the Podcast. From episode 26 to present, the podcast has been jokingly called “FursonaPod 2.0”. Because of this, episodes 1-25 have been jokingly called “FursonaPod 1.0”.

Author(s) Owners: XiathZaaz (Pre-episode 25)

  • Host Xiath (Episodes 26 to present),

Zaaz (Episodes 1-25)

Update schedule Generally the 1st and 15th of the month
Launch date 4 Feb. 2009
End Date Ongoing
Genre Podcast



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