Furry Fandom 24/7/365

Furcast Podcast

FurCast is a furry oriented talk show produced by ParadoxMattox and Fayroe. It runs as live radio and as a podcast. The show is noted to be mindless in style, unallocated in time and schedule, and listener powered. Paradox also hosts the radio show Friday Night Tech in the same studio.

The title FurCast was originally conceived years before the show’s production. Paradox and Mattox considered the show title for a few final months before finally deciding to produce. Now the show continues to broadcast, and continues to gain respect from listeners in the Furry Fandom.


The show broadcasts primarily using the Livestream free flash streaming service. Although services such as Livestream.com offer viewable pages for it’s broadcasters, FurCast has remained directing all of it’s viewers to the show website itself.

The show also broadcasts a SHOUTcast MP3 feed. HERE Most listeners, due to finding links through social network marketing, end up landing on the Live Video page, keeping most listeners at that page. The show hosts constantly refer to the availability of the MP3 feed, due to many listeners having bandwidth problems/limitations therefore being unable to see the video feed properly.

The show has used several different Content Delivery Networks to store the video archives. Links are available on the show’s archive for viewers to access them.


FurCast records the main broadcast programming, as a later downloadable (MP3) podcast. The podcast itself is accessible through RSS feed links on the website, and in the iTunes Podcast Store,HERE. The show also features a ways to subscribe page which purely focuses on different ways to stay updated with the show.


FurCast has adapted over time, to both new upgrades to the show, and a change in viewer interests. It remains mindless, lacking in political correctness, unscripted, and is produced entirely manual (vs. a pre-set playlist). The show remains viewer powered, through emails (furcast-at-xanacreations.com) and IRC chat room interaction. The show hosts constantly voice the option of emailing before the show airs, for convenience of the show hosts as well as pre-screening availability. Viewers who email before the show’s airing will also receive better answers due to the hosts being able to prepare their answers before having to read the email live. The show hosts also banter constantly with each other, and with the viewers from topics that spawn off of email questions, or other random events. Both show hosts also voice the hatred of poorly written emails, including ones that are missing grammar completely, or simply emails that do not have a good enough topic to elaborate on for the show.

Despite being an almost completely furry oriented show, it remains on it’s original IRC network for the chat room, TechToKnow IRC. The hosts show no interest in moving to a more appropriate IRC Network such as FurNet (IRC), since the current network plays a large role in services for the show, including IT support, through friends and partners on the network.


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