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Furry Weekend Atlanta

Furry Weekend Atlanta, or “FWA” for short, is an annual anthropomorphics (or ‘furry’) convention that brings visitors together who share common interest in all things furry for a fun-filled weekend.

FWA began in 2003 when a group of furries from the local area decided that it was high time that Atlanta had a furry convention. Planning went on for six months, and in 2004 the first FWA was held at the Holiday Inn Atlanta Airport North, welcoming over 270 attendees in its inaugural year.

For 2010, FWA has grown to accommodate over 1500 guests including 190 suiters from all over the globe. FWA has also raised $4600 during the 2010 convention year for its charity, Conservators’ Center, Inc., with $880 brought in from a poker tournament.

Furry Weekend Atlanta: Furries in Wonderland

March 17th – 21st, 2011
Sheraton Atlanta – Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Atlanta, Georgia, United States

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Join us as we travel down the rabbit hole…

Step out from reality into another realm of imagination, as Furry Weekend Atlanta brings you Furries In Wonderland for 2011. Joining us on this wacky ride are Lacy and CP of Fursuiting.com, fursuit-builders extrordinaire and truly the mad-furrers of our beloved fandom; as well as Zhivago, a wonderfully-trippy furry artist that takes her work to insanely awesome levels.