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Furry Connection North

Furry Connection North: Ages of Japan

Novi, Michigan

April 8-10, 2011

  • FCN 2011 will take place April 8th-10th at the Detroit Novi Sheraton in Novi Michigan
  • Hotel room registration is already open! You can book your room now by clicking here.
  • Our 2011 theme is “Ages of Japan.” We’ll be focusing on all of the wonderful things that Japanese culture has brought to the furry fandom from the legends of dragons of feudal Japan to the furry critters that proliferate anime!
  • Our guests for 2011 will include the hugely talented Kacey Miyagami and TaniDaReal!

Keep an eye on the website for many updates and changes! If you have any questions for us until the website is updated feel free to ask us at chairman@furryconnect.com

Introduction to FCN

Furry Connection North (or as it is often known “FCN”) was founded in 2007 by Gir Tygrin (Jonathan Wilson) and his two roommates at the time Nik Vulper and 2 Gryphon. The original vision for this event was to create a convention experience that was focused around a party atmosphere. It has expanded since the event’s first year in 2008 to include many traditional furry convention features including an Artist’s Alley and programming break out rooms. While the event has expanded we have focused on staying true to our original mission of throwing a big furry party. It’s a party that’s been growing fast as well! We had 880 attendees at last year’s event.

FCN is known for a number of quality features but two seem to stand out in the minds of both its staff and attendees; the sponsor’s lounge and our dances.

The Sponsor’s Lounge

Our sponsor’s lounge grew out of the idea of making our convention as affordable as possible. People shouldn’t pay for things they don’t use at a convention and in that light we decided to forgo a traditional con suite in favor of a lower membership rate for those people who were not interested in using it. As such we decided that for the people who are paying to use the suite that we should make it a real attraction and give them a great value for their hard earned money. Out of this philosophy the sponsor’s lounge was born.

Our sponsor’s lounge includes hot food around meal times, snacks and drinks during all hours of operations and cold beer after 5PM. Many of the members of FCN’s board are beer enthusiasts and believe in providing only the best tasting locally made micro brews to our members. If you choose to be a sponsor at our event you’ll be granted access to some of the finest beers Michigan has to offer. In previous years we have featured Oberon from Bells and Michigan Lager from Atwater Block just to name two.

For those of you not interested in alcohol we also feature non alcoholic frozen treats in the form of slushies and ice cream. There’s something for everyone in the sponsor’s lounge. The sponsor’s lounge has proved to be a popular hang out place at FCN and is available to both sponsors and super sponsors.

4 Nights of Dancing

Some conventions are content with 2 dances; others try to do 3. Here at FCN we do a dance every night of the convention. We love good music, loud sound systems, lights and lasers so we decided that our convention needed all of them. Our convention Chairman is an audio enthusiast and felt that we needed nothing but the best sound system for our event. As such our 2009 even featured a very large high end sound system from Cerwin Vega run by a professional audio engineer. Great sound is a great start but to push things up a notch FCN also features theme park grade lasers effects and moving lighting fixtures generously provided by convention staffer and laser guru Fizz. In addition to having first rate audio and visual gear we’ve managed to pull in some of the best DJs in the fandom including Tek Fox, Proto Collie and Oddy in our previous years. Our dances are a spectacle to be seen.


FCN is committed to providing quality programming to our attendees. We have many quality events in our main events room, our amphitheater and our panel room. We try to adhere to the quality over quantity philosophy and focus on providing programming that furries want to attend. In the past we’ve featured performances by Uncle Kage and Bucktown Tiger, panels on fursuit construction and puppetry and many other special interest discussions and lectures.


FCN strives to be as fursuit friendly as it can be and provides a fursuit lounge on both floors of the convention space. On our main floor the lounge is directly attached to the main events room to make it the shortest trip possible after spending time dancing in suit. In addition to spaces to cool off our fantastic staff photographer Warphammer has been on hand our last two years to take portraits of fursuiters. If you would like to see some of the pictures from last year please click here for a picture gallery.

Dealer’s Room

Each year FCN features a dealer’s room with many quality sellers and talented artists. In previous years we have played host to artists such as Dark Natasha, Diana Stein, Heather Bruton, Michelle Light, Todd Wills and many others! Our dealer’s room is located directly next to our main events space to make locating and frequenting it convenient.

For those of you who are considering registering as a dealer at FCN we would like you to know that we strive to keep our dealers happy. In addition to our attentive dealers room staff the convention chairman frequently does walk through of the space to make sure every one of our dealers is being properly taken care of.

For more information about the Dealer’s Room please check out our Dealer’s Room page.

Artist’s Alley

For our 2009 year FCN added an artist’s alley space for those who wish to share their artistic talents with the convention but do not wish to purchase a table in the dealer’s room. Our Artist’s Alley is in it’s own dedicated room and features space for 24 artists.


FCN has always been about furries coming together to celebrate and have fun and there are few better ways to get to know new people then sharing in a game with them. As such we have two dedicated gaming spaces; a video game room and a board game room. Our video game room has in the past featured rhythm games such as DDR and Rock Band, party games, fighting games and classic arcade games. We employ large format LCD screens in many cases as well to maximize the gaming experience. In our board gaming room you will find everything from the room’s namesake to pen and paper games, card games, and a poker tournament.

The Menagerie

1. A collection of wild or unusual animals.
2. An unique and varied group of people.
3. A place for furries to collect and hang out at FCN

What furry con would be complete without a place for people to congregate and hang out? Some cons refer to this as the zoo; at FCN we call it The Menagerie. The Menagerie is a large hang out space in the middle of con space with tables and chairs at which to gather, see your friends, draw, play cards… whatever you want to do!

Everything Else

It’s hard to list everything that FCN has to offer its members. The easiest way to find out what all can be done at Furry Connection North is to attend! Our reasonable hotel room nights and low 25 dollar pre registration price makes our event accessible to almost everyone. We’d love to have you join us for our 2011 year.

Online pre-registration for Furry Connection North 2011 is now open! Register Now! A membership is good for all 3 days of the convention. Show your support for the convention by purchasing a Sponsorship (with free access to the sponsor lounge) or a Super Sponsorship (access to the lounge and your choice of a Furry Connection North t-shirt or hat)

If you wish to register a minor the below listed parental consent form must be filled out and brought to the convention to complete registration.

If you prefer to preregister by mailing in a form please see the paper pre-reg form. All checks should be made payable to “Furry Connection North Inc.”