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Furnal Equinox

Furnal Equinox

March 11-13 2011

Toronto, Canada

Preregistration is open until February 28, 2011!
Memberships start at only $35!

Furnal Equinox is a convention organized and staffed by the “furry” community in the Greater Toronto Area and other parts of Ontario, co-chaired by local furries Pakesh De and Blindsight.

We aim to bring together fans of the anthropomorphic arts and costuming genre together in a laid-back, casual setting to exchange artwork and crafts, share ideas, participate in entertainment, and meet new people.

We welcome not only local furries who have never experienced a furry convention in their own back yard before, but also fans from all around the world, who can become familiar with the fantastic creators and fans that contribute to the furry community in one of Canada’s premier cities.

The Toronto region has been home to a number of different events over the years, including some that have become very successful. However, until Furnal Equinox, it had never been home to a traditional hotel furry con. The development of what became Furnal Equinox began in early 2009 with a grassroots community initiative that turned from talk into a full-blown event. The name “Furnal Equinox” came from founding member ShiroTora, playing upon the convention’s placement at the beginning of spring.

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