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MainFender, by Lady Foxglove

Welcome to Vault 73, headquarters of FA United 4 (official convention of Fur Affinity!). We’re gearing up for our fourth year, and we’re running bigger and better than ever!

We’ve got Guests of Honor Kuddlepupand Lady Foxglove, and live musical performances by Matthew Ebel lined up for a weekend of radioactive festivities. Locked, loaded and prepped for three days of fun and excitement!

This year, we’re donning our anti rad-suits and charging our PIP Boys to celebrate the beginning of the end – nuclear apocalypse, Jersey-style (which really isn’t that much different from New Jersey as it is right now!). Don’t get us wrong, though. We’re all about having fun at FAU Vault 73! The world may be ending, but we’re going to go out with a blast!

Join us, and attend panels covering survival in the New Jersey Wastelands, cope with zombies, mutants and other bizarre creations, take part of our signatureFAU cocktail bars with all new drinks. Or just have a blast and party with us at events, dances, DJs and more!Pick your side and join the Wasteland Survivors or the Jersey Mutants to battle it out in games and events against one another and win kitschy prizes and more!

So open your calendar and lock in the dates, then head out to Mt. Laurel, NJ on May 20-22nd and join us for a weekend of fun!

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KuddlepupJohn “KP” Cole is a longtime fursuiter, puppeteer, and fandom stage performer. He is a cast member on the Funday Pawpet Show, the co chairman of Megaplex, Programming Director of Anthrocon, and the fandom track lead of Midwest FurFest.

He is the director and co-host of the Anthrocon Masquerade as well as the creator and emcee of Anthropoly and Fursuit Deal or No Deal. As a fursuiter, he is best known for the characters Kuddlepup and Ghali the quagga.

Lady Foxglove

FoxgloveLynn Hogan is a fantasy illustrator who lives out of Seattle, Washington with her husband and two corgis. An artist from the start, Lynn has been drawing all her life. She currently works as an artist and grFoxglove's Artaphic design at Popcap Games (home to some of the most addictive games on the planet!) and works on the online webcomic Prydwen in her spare time.

Her inspirations come from artists like John Howe, Yoshitaka Amano and films like the Secret of NIMH. Her previous work has included illustration work for the Bella Sara collectible card game, produced designs for the Call of Duty series, M&Ms, Harley Davidson, Disney Interactive and many more.


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