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Elliot's Events

His Majesty, King Elliott

His Majesty, King Elliott Ingonyama the First hosts three types of events: Royal Festivals, Castle Cotillions, and Local Events.

The King’s Royal Festivals

These events are His Majesty’s largest functions. Held twice a year (spring and summer), they are hosted at a hotel in Central Florida, these are three days long and include special events (such as a private parties at Orlando’s Wet ‘n Wild water park) and concerts. In recognition of their role in our community, these events also include a space for artisans to display and sell their wares. Advance registration is required.

The King’s Castle Cotillions

While smaller than his Festivals, King Elliott’s Castle Cotillions are still quite impressive. Held at his Castle in Central Florida, these take place every fall and winter. His Majesty provides a full gourmet lunch, dinner and breakfast, as well as a video arcade, dance floor with DJ, artists’ lounge, and a headless lounge for fursuiting guests. While open to all, these are more targeted to guests in the local area. Advance registration is required.

The King’s Local Events

King Elliott understands that not everyone can make it to Central Florida and so he has decided to bring his events to other realms. Starting this July, His Majesty will be announcing local events around the United States. Co-hosted by local residents, these will enable His Majesty to bring his largess to you.

To help his guests plan their schedule for next year, His Majesty, King Elliott Ingonyama the First wishes to announce the tentative schedule for 2011.

Elliott’s Winter Carnival will be 22-23 January, 2011
Elliott’s Spring Gathering (once again, a 3-day event) will be 20-22 May, 2011. For those traveling from outside King Elliott’s Realm, this is the event most geared for you. Once again held at a hotel, it will have many special events that should make it worthwhile for visitors to attend.
Elliott’s Summer Celebration will be 6-7 August, 2011
Elliott’s Fall Festival will be 22-23 October, 2011 (unless this date conflicts with Fur Fright, in which case it will be 1 week later)