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Camp Feral

Camp Feral! is a furry convention held every year in the wilderness of OntarioCanada. Traditionally it is an intimate gathering that gathers anywhere from 50 to 100 participants, with the exception in 2006 with 132 registered campers. Camp Feral! has been running since 1998, and is often referred to as being the “uncon” due to its vast differences from hotel-oriented furry events.

The concept for Feral! was first drawn up during the summer of 1997 over the span of several meetings. Several furs had shown great interest in hosting a furry conference in the Toronto area after having attended the successful Albany AnthroCon 1997 in July. P.Pardus is credited for being the driving force behind starting Feral!, combining two suggestions from locals Terry Wessner and Silfur of a workshop-oriented university and a summer camp respectively.[1] A committee was soon brought together, including P.PardusTerry WessnerSilfurBenjamin, and Wilykat.

In a retrospective on Feral! published in Feral! 2007’s conbook, Wessner credited the origins of the Feral! name to MelSkunk, stating they were looking for a name that was “evocative without being too open to ridicule”. MelSkunk suggested the name, which was immediately adopted by the convention’s staff.

While initially a three-day event in its first year, the camp’s duration was increased to five days in subsequent years to permit for additional workshops and camp-related activities, making Feral! the longest furry event classified as a convention.

They have yet to publish full details about the 2011 camp.  As soon as we get them you can see them here!

Contact Camp Feral!

On the web: http://campferal.org

On Twitter: http://twitter.com/CampFeral

On Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/CampFeral

On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CampFeral

Email here: campferal@gmail.com


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