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Meet Info

The MN furs group, formerly the Saturday Night Club Furs group (SNCFurs), started as a spin-off from another that originally met in a small pizza place around the University of Minnesota campus.  The main meet-up event started as a bi-weekly Saturday night dinner meet-up, and that much has not changed. The name was changed to MN Furs in 2005 to reflect our relationship with the local community as we grew from a small group of close friends to encompassing a much larger community.

In honor of our old name SNCFurs we still keep the Saturday bi-weekly meet-ups and currently at Perkins which we use off and on since 2004.

Location information is at our landing page for those meets at: http://www.mnfurs.org/perkins-meet-bi-weekly/

Our calendar on the front page list the current dates for our meets but can also be found at http://www.mnfurs.org/?m=20110108&cat=3 for our specific dates at Perkins this year.

Home page is : http://www.mnfurs.org

FA Page: Http://www.furaffinity.net/user/mnfurs

Also on Twitter at: http://www.twitter.com/mnfurs

Contact Page: http://www.mnfurs.org/about/contact-us

Upcoming events:

MNFurs Furry Bowling

Furs and bowling go hand and hand like Chocolate and Peanut butter. So it’s no surprise that we are having a February bowling event!
Snowpocalypse – A MNFurs Event

You know Minnesota, you know the winter, we all fear it and it’s coming back to Minnesota! Snowpocalypse is officially coming March 12, 2011! This hotel event located in Saint Paul, Minnesota is put on by MNFurs for enjoyment of everyone in the furry fandom.
  • This event will include fursuiting, night dances, socializing, and many other furry related events.
  • This is a multi room hotel event that is held at Country Inn And Suites at 6003 Hudson Road, Woodbury MN 55125 .
  • Cost for the main event areas is free while “The Den” and an offical MNFurs Snowpocalypse badge is available pre-registration price of $5 or $10 at the door. If people are interested at staying at the hotel a special rate of $79 is available till February 26, 2011 using our group code. For more details about this event

visit http://www.mnfurs.org/snowpocalypse/.

Date: March 12, 2011 for the main events
Brought by: MNFurs

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