Furry Fandom 24/7/365

Atlanta Regional Furries

ARF has been reactivated to provide an alternative to the weekly Tuesday night meets hosted by Georgia Furs.  In the coming weeks, watch the ARFList site for updates.  Kody Whitepaw (kody_whitepaw on YIM) is organizing these meets.

ARF strives to be the portal to all things furry in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. Check http://arflist.com/ for the latest calendar of events and links to other furry sites.

Why another furry list?
– Many of the the other area lists have inactive moderators so new people never get added or they are over run with spam.
– ARF has active moderators who have experience running several other Yahoo Groups. The moderators participate in the Yahoo moderator forums, and stay abreast of new functionality of the Yahoo groups. We are also actively involved in testing the new Yahoo! Groups Beta.

This will be just for announcements, happenings and general questions specifically for the fur community. If there are more than a couple responses, the mods will move the discussion to the discuss group.

This will be for extended discussion INCLUDING intro, shoutouts,the purpose of each group, what should be posted, moderated, extended debate, stuff for sale, stuff for free etc, room mates needed etc. It will be moderated to keep people from post random replies that add nothing to the thread.

Next event: Furry Movie Event, Saturday, Jan 15 – Southlake AMC 24 – 7:00pm

Tron Legacy

We realize many have already seen Tron, but this is for those who have yet to see it or want to catch it again!


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