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My Strange Addiction Furry – Commentary

This is an edited version (about 10 mins) of TLC’s My Strange Addiction: “Furry”.  The segments featuring the woman who consumed foam rubber has been edited out.  None of the actual interview with Lauren/Kiira has been edited.  We did remove the unnecessary “still to come” sections at the end of each segment.

If you have not had a chance to watch it, you can take time now.  The running time is just over 10 mins.

Things I noted about the production is the “stock footage” they used during her mentioning the “darker side of the fandom”.  There are some very well known fursuiters in that clip.  Four of them currently reside or have resided in the Atlanta area.  I would imagine some of these guys would be upset with their suits being seen while Lauren talks about fetishes.

I’ll leave it up to you all to make a judgement.  Comments are open.


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