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Furry Needs Our Help For Donations For Heart Surgery

By: Lucky Wolf

Sorty and his son KodaOne of our own greatly really needs our help. Sporty pup, who is a local Georgia fur needs to have surgery due to a bad valve in his heart. This particular condition is called Valvular Heart Disease, and if not treated will cause heart failure. The surgery will take $40,000 total, but needs $16,500 up front, just to be able to have the surgery. The remaining $24,000 will be billed later, so he needs to get this money soon. The longer Sporty has to wait for the surgery, the greater the risk is of heart failure. The hope is to have enough to be able to have the surgery later this month in Asheville, NC., but only if the doctor see’s that the amount needed will come in quickly after.

Sporty, is currently 30 years old, but will be 31 in March. Besides being a furry and occasional fursuiter, he is also a father of a 3 1/2 year old boy, named Koda. Sporty currently lives in Macon, Georgia.

Sporty and friends are now asking for donations towards the surgery through paypal. Even if you’re only able to donate a couple dollars anything helps, so they ask everyone who reads this to please donate something. Friend’s are even putting items up on thedealersden.com to help raise money. Sporty is a really awesome guy, and really needs our help to make this happen. You can make a donation too, through the paypal link below.

Even with all the drama that goes on in this fandom, I have also seen this fandom do a lot of good, and really come together when one of our own needs help, and I would hope this no exception.

FNN Editor’s note: I do not know SportyPup personally. The details of his current situation have been verified through several well respected community members.
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Charity Auction at The Dealers Den
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SportyPup’s FA Page
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Furries Play in Snowpocalypse 2011

Lucky and Cinnabar in the Snow

Would you like to see your snow video here? Email a link to us at publisher@furrynewsnetwork.com. We’ll link it in and update this page!

New Short Film: Furries – An Inside Look

Furries – An Inside Look from Curt Pehrson on Vimeo.

This documentary gives an inside perspective on the strange and interesting subculture known as the furry fandom. Filmed at Midwest Furfest 2010, a major furry convention, the fandom is explained by furries in their own words.

This project was both a personal and an academic undertaking. The concept and production was my own, but I also got college credit for producing it, as an independent study at Bradley University.

See the full article here: http://vimeo.com/17995012

Featured in the interview:

Douglas “Giza” Muth
Matt “2 Gryphon” Davis
Bryan “Smash” Manternach
Dr. Samuel “Uncle Kage” Conway

Shorty Awards Open – Kyell Gold Nominated as Author

The Shorty Awards – Awards given to Twitter users that contribute in significant ways to the “Twitterverse” is currently accepting nominees.  Currently Furry writer/author Kyell Gold is the front runner in the Author category.

Kyell Gold is a prodigious furry author whose writing typically focuses on male/male erotica. His fursona is a red fox. He has written several novels, all published by Sofawolf Press. Several of his shorter works have also appeared in Sofawolf Press’s Heat, as well as Bad Dog Books‘ FANG. He and K.M. Hirosaki are co-hosts of the podcast Unsheathed.

Gold’s most well-known works include his Argaea series of novels and short stories. His other published works include the coming of age novel Waterways and numerous short stories. He also posts his writing on Fur AffinityYiffstar and FurRag.



TLC to show "Furry" Episode of My Strange Addiction

My Strange Addiction
Eats Couch Cushion/Furry

Jan 19, 9:00 pm – TLC – The Learning Channel

Episode 7
Name: Lauren A.
Addiction: Wearing a fur suit

Lauren can’t imagine going to a party or social event without wearing her fur suit. She’s completely dedicated to her “fursona” — designing and sewing her costume well into the night, it even takes priority to finding a job.

FNN contacted Kiira to get her side of the story,  This is the response she had.  There is more forthcoming.

I’d love to get my side of the story out. I have left the fandom, though I still do make costumes and occasionally go out in it with my friends who are also furs. I just don’t associate myself as a furry anymore. But they totally twisted everything, I can just tell by the preview. I told them I only go out maybe once a month if that. I never bring it out around people that aren’t furs, and I never once brought it to a gathering or social event. Yet they say I can’t stand to be without it for one minute. I know my video will just provoke the community more, but I do need to get my side of the story out regardless. I’m glad there are still some people with common sense in this world.

Lauren Atkins aka Kiira

Editor’s Note: As soon as TLC posts preview clips, we’ll update this with the new information.
Thank you to @Mizu_Astrum on Twitter for the heads up!

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