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Podcast with Kyell Gold

Author: Red Furros
The following podcast was recorded on Further Confusion, in this podcast we ask Kyell Gold about the release of his new book Isolation Play and about some of his other works like Waterways and Volle.

You can listen at the podcast here:


Artist Profile: Silent Ravyn

Who is Silent Ravyn?

That would be me, a female furry artist and fursuit/plushie maker from Canada! I’ve been drawing since I can remember and have never been able to tear myself away from my favourite subject matter, which is of course animals and anthropomorphics. I have a soft spot for drawing ferals, females, canids and exotic species.

I’ve been in the fandom since about 2003 and have been loving it ever since. My fuzzy self is represented as an arctic fox/wolf hybrid named Silent Ravyn. This year I’ll be graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Mount Allison University, and hopefully pursuing my dream career in art.

My work has been published in Anthropomorphine (http://en.wikifur.com/wiki/Anthropomorphine), Rage CCG (http://en.wikifur.com/wiki/Rage_%28game%29)  and several conbooks.

Where to find me:

You can find my art at any of these galleries or my personal website (http://www.foxwolf.ca). I occasionally open for commissions of art, fursuits and plushies, so keep an eye out for updates. Prints are always available, just ask (ravyn@foxwolf.ca).

FurAffinity (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/silentravyn)

DeviantArt (http://silentravyn.deviantart.com)

ArtSpots (http://silentravyn.artspots.com)

InkBunny (http://inkbunny.net/SilentRavyn)


I attend Anthrocon (http://www.anthrocon.org) every year with art in the Art Show as well as a Dealer’s table. If you are looking for a quick commission or a print from me this is where to look! I also mail art to Further Confusion (http://www.furtherconfusion.org) for their Art Show, and plan to expand my con attendance in the years to come.

Red Furros interviews Blotch

The following is an interview we had with Blotch last Saturday 15 during the Further Confusion furry convention, who for those who don’t know, Blotch is the collaboration name of two very talented artists: BlackTeagan and Kenket. They have made very popular works like Dog’s days of summer and lately they’ve made cover art and illustrations for Kyell Gold’s books (Out of Position, Isolation Play). They have captivated the furry community’s interest with their unique watercolor style and fantastic sense of animal anatomy. If you are a furry and haven’t heard about them, you have probably been living under a rock.

They were kind enough to give us some minutes from their dealer’s room table at Further Confusion and this is what we asked them:

Red Furros: Who or what is Blotch?

Oh, it’s just collaboration between the two of us, you know, when we work together and I do the sketching and she does the painting…

Kenket: Yes…

BlackTeagan: And it is easier to work under one name when you do stuff together than doing it separately, so…it’s less confusing.

Red Furros: You two met on the fandom?

Kenket: Uh… yeah.

BlackTeagan: We met through friends who were in the fandom.

Kenket: Two furries… but not in like, a convention, so we met camping in the middle of the desert.

Red Furros: …you met camping in the middle of the desert?

BlackTeagan: Well… there were different camping groups, we were camping out with friends.

Red Furros: Oh, you like outdoor sports.

BlackTeagan: Yes, we have mutual friends that we met each other and after that, years later, we met together on a furry con.

Red Furros: So, when did you realize that you made a good team?

Read more of the interview at Red Furros

Shorty Awards Open – Kyell Gold Nominated as Author

The Shorty Awards – Awards given to Twitter users that contribute in significant ways to the “Twitterverse” is currently accepting nominees.  Currently Furry writer/author Kyell Gold is the front runner in the Author category.

Kyell Gold is a prodigious furry author whose writing typically focuses on male/male erotica. His fursona is a red fox. He has written several novels, all published by Sofawolf Press. Several of his shorter works have also appeared in Sofawolf Press’s Heat, as well as Bad Dog Books‘ FANG. He and K.M. Hirosaki are co-hosts of the podcast Unsheathed.

Gold’s most well-known works include his Argaea series of novels and short stories. His other published works include the coming of age novel Waterways and numerous short stories. He also posts his writing on Fur AffinityYiffstar and FurRag.