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Kurrel the Raven

Kurrel the Raven (Kurrel is pronounced to contain the same vowels as cuddle) is from Perth, Australia. He has been involved with the furry fandom locally and online since 1995. He’s best known as a musician, but is also a cartoonist, fursuiter and video maker.

Kurrel’s name is imitative of the quieter, muttering vocalisation of the Australian raven. He largely stopped using a raven character in association with the “Kurrel” name during 2010, switching to a logo of a silhouetted raven on an orange background instead and discouraging other people from drawing the character

The Furry Song and Other Music

Kurrel’s main fame in the furry fandom is in having written The Furry Song, a rapped introduction to furries with a merry and laid-back delivery. In February 2009, as part of RPM Challenge, within a month he wrote and recorded The Furry Album, an entire 35-minute album of furry-oriented music.

Other furry-themed music by Kurrel includes I should really be a birdYIFF!The Human Tail and Maybe One Day.

Kurrel has also co-hosted a music-makers panel at MiDFur in 2009 and 2010 with CynWolfe and did a one-off DJ spot at MiDFur 2009 during the Gala dinner. He remotely contributed a short piece of music to Further Confusion 2009 which featured the Kurrel raven character singing and playing ukulele (animated by Deezlberries).

Beyond releasing purely his own music in furry, Kurrel also organised the first Furry x 60 music compilation. The compilation features 40 pieces of music by over twenty different furry musicians and sound artists, with each contribution running for precisely 60 seconds. It was released on the web in December 2008 at Furryx60.com. The second edition of Furry x 60 was released at the end of July 2009 and the third edition will be released in January 2011.

Outside the furry fandom, Kurrel writes ambient, shoegazer and other experimental music under the aliases Kurrel the Raven and Kwook. He has also written a comprehensive musical primer called The Ravenspiral Guide to Music Theory.


Nosebleed by kurreltheraven


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