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Nathan F. – Kor-Ryal was born April 24th, 1992 in Dallas TX, and resides in Denton, TX.

Just like any other kid, he grew up playing video games, absorbing them. In 2007, during high school, scores and soundtracks caught his attention. With few musical instruments at his disposal, he picked up a discarded guitar, accessed the internet, and began to learn.

For six months, he would only learn cover songs on his guitar, practicing and improvising over them. The feel and sound other people could bring out in their music influenced him to begin creating, writing his own songs. Though there was much trial and error, the first time he put something down on recording was the one that set it in stone — he wanted to begin producing and recording an album.

Another six months put him in his first ever rock band. Live music was another experience, completely different than recording. There were many projects that rose and fell, none of them really ever setting themselves up for success. He had his doubts about local musicians that were available, and the bands abandoned the failed projects mutually. However, performing live music even further inspired Nathan to continue with his musical endeavors.

For the past 3 years, he has been recording material on his own, writing, performing, recording, mixing, and mastering with the aid of the Internet’s vast resources for musical development. He has released a solo album under the name “To Feel At Peace…”, and hopes to continue building a fantastic musical career.

My music is on multiple websites!



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