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West. A. – DJ EAR [DreamStone Records] was born in 1987 in Southern California and currently lives in Orange County.

His fascination with music started while playing video-games at a young age. Growing up, video-game soundtracks from games such as Klonoa: Door to Phantomile, Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon, and Einhänder – filled with catchy melodies, ancient folk instruments, and electronic dance rhythms, became favorites.

This early love for energetic dance music led the way to more mainstream Trance later in high school, as his passion for the European performance music styles of Cirque du Soleil influenced him greatly. Upon finishing high school in 2005, Eurobeat, Rave, and Hard Dance became his genres of choice – creating his own music using basic MIDI programs, and eventually more powerful Digital Audio Workstations.

A year later while searching for new music he stumbled upon a track that changed his direction profoundly. Ham – Jump To The Groove, a blend of dance pianos and fast beats had captured UK-Hardcore in his mind as what he had been looking for.

DJ Ham – Jump To The Groove

For the next three years, he released several hundred songs and albums ranging from Underground Dance and Worldbeat, to more conventional Game Soundtracks and 8-bit Arrangements under the online name Huepow00.

By 2010, EAR got his first break DJing for a yearly convention hosted by Fennec Adventures with over 800 in attendance.

Lately, if he’s not spinning Hardcore, his focus turns to his studies at Saddleback College, or working within his newly coveted styles: Funky, Latin, & Electro House.

UK-Hardcore, Hard Dance, House*, Trance**, Dance, Game, Chiptune
*Funky, Latin, Electro, Hard
**Progressive, Uplifting, Ibiza, Hard

Latest Work:

Find on Twitter: @huepow00
Find on Soundcloud
Find on the Web – DJ Ear



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