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Bucktown Tiger

Bucktown takes his moniker from the nickname of his hometown of Brinkley, Arkansas, where he was born and raised and where his family still lives. Brinkley’s high school mascot is the tiger, an animal whose gracefulness, strength, and unwavering willpower Bucktown greatly admires and aspires to. A poet and pianist since grade school, Bucktown was always full of creative talent, but it was online social networking that provided him the catalyst to create music about and for the communities that consume a big part of his life. Since then, Bucktown has performed concerts and pieces at conventions and charity events from coast to coast.

Bucktown feels that his music should be a reflection of the life that he knows and lives. Knowing that we can make more money, but we can’t make more time, Bucktown believes that we should spend our time like it’s our time, and he strives to do that each and every day, both in his music and in his life.

Album cover for Orange and Black: The Furst Album

orange+BLACK: The Furst Album

(original hip-hop – released October 2007 – available on FurPlanet and iTunes and Amazon and CDBaby)
Album cover for Shop Music

Shop Music

(original hip-hop – released May 2009 – available on FurPlanet and iTunes and Amazon and CDBaby)
Album cover for Scritching the Ivories

Scritching the Ivories

(instrumental piano – released June 2010 – available on FurPlanet and CDBaby and iTunes)

Latest Video

Twitter: @bucktowntiger
Web: www.BucktownTiger.com


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