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I am a leopard of an age appropriate to holding a pen. I sketch, drink beer, suffer a seizure (I suspect due to frequent kicks to the head from zebra) wake up in a strange place and begin to paint while chugging kawfee. Somehow this produces art interesting enough to bring you here.

I’ve had collectively over 12 years of experience, which is far greater than the normal life expectancy of a leopard so I guess I’m doing pretty alright for myself.

I attended only the finest watering holes where I refined my art, however life is always a work in progress.

My preferred medium is squeezed warthog on 100% hot press impala hide. To paint, I use fine meerkat tails and to ink, tail feathers from maribou stork.

The name Blotch comes from cruel parents who made it apparent I was an accident.

The Collaborators:

“Blotch” is actually the collaborative efforts between Tess Garman and Teagan Gavet, with one sketching and the other painting. We work mostly in traditional media, slaves to the good ol’ fashioned pencil, paper and paint.

Tess Garman (the painting half) has a degree in wildlife and scientific illustration, while Teagan Gavet (sketching half) has a background in animation and character design.

To contact Blotch, please email: screwbald@gmail.com

To see more of my current art, please visit my
Deviant Art Gallery, ~screwbald

Blotch, aka screwbald (derived from “skewbald” and “screwball”), is the alias of the collaborative works between the artists Kenket and BlackTeagan, one sketching and the other painting.[1]

The Blotch team have been officially working together since August, 2006. Together, under the name “Blotch”, they have contributed artwork to the multi-artist calendar Wish You Were Here, many Sofawolf Press publications, such as HeatNew Fables, Cover and Interior Illustrations for Kyell Gold‘s novel Out of Position, and several cards for the Wild Cat Card Deck and the Endangered Ark, among other projects.

Blotch also created Dog’s Days of Summer, the interactive webcomic that ran for the summer of 2007, and was printed by Sofawolf Press for release the summer of 2008. [2]

In Spring 2009, Blotch announced working on a new graphic novel, Nordguard. The first part of the three part series is called Across Thin Ice. The first book will be over 100 pages printed in full color, slated for release at AnthroCon 2011.

Blotch won the 2007 Ursa Major Award for Best Published Illustration, for the cover of FA:United’s conbook. In 2008, Blotch won two other Ursa Major Awards for Best Published Illustration for the cover of EuroFurence 14’s conbook cover, and another forBest Other Literary Work for the Dog’s Days of Summer graphic novel. Blotch again won Best Published Illustration in 2009 for the Cover of Kyell Gold’s novel, Out of Position.

Blotch attends many conventions, including Further ConfusionAnthroconEuroFurence and Midwest Furfest, where ‘he’ sells prints and original sketches.

Blotch has been Guest of Honor at FA: United 2007, Oklacon 2007, and at Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2008 in May, 2008.
The character “Blotch” is personified as a leopard.

Art Examples:


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