Furry Fandom 24/7/365

Charity & Assistance

Furry News Network is happy to help Furs in Need.

What we need to assist someone is a complete and verifiable history as well as any necessary supporting documentation.

The reasons we require verification and documentation is because there have been Furs in the recent past who, for one reason or another have decided to take advantage of the trusting nature of many of the Furs in the community.

Recent examples: Faking an illness and then using the funds to go on vacation or claiming there was a death in the family or losing a home in a natural disaster.

So far, we have offered assistance to two Furs in need. SportyPup and ThunderRoo. We were able to verify all necessary information before helping them. So many of you came through for these guys in their hour of need. I have seen SportyPup in person recently and can tell you he is recovering nicely and that your donations made a massive difference in his life.

We have received several other requests for assistance. At this time, they have been declined because the details can not be verified or the individuals involved refused further information, which makes the request suspect.

If you have a story about someone who needs help, please use the Story Submission form or the Contact form to let us know.

Thank you for your understanding and assistance to those in need.


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