Furry Fandom 24/7/365

No Drama Policy

Furry News Network is not to be used as a platform for drama.

All articles written about an individual or group should be as unbiased as possible.  The details of the story must check out and there must be hard facts and evidence to back the story up.

Stories we don’t want:

  • Art Theft
  • Who’s Doing Who
  • Inter-Group Rivalries
  • Housemate/Roommate/Denmate Troubles
  • Rumors of Sexual Misconduct

There are other examples and they will be placed here when we come across them.

Articles we ARE interested in:

  • Personal Achievement
  • Group Achievement
  • Furries in Need
  • Community Involvement (Person or Group)
  • Artist/Entertainer Profiles
  • Other News-worthy Stories

There will be instances where we ask a person or group if they would like coverage, or support.  This is part of human nature.  Media outlets have a long history of helping people in need.  We may be criticized about this, but it is a way that we may help individuals and the community as a whole.


There will always be criticism.  This may be about the topic, the people involved or it may be directed at the contributor, author, editor, publisher or at FNN as a whole.  This is part of the game.  As a FNN staff member, you are expected to be professional in handling this criticism.  The Disqus community that handles the comments on the articles is NOT a place for flame wars.  Any such flames will be deleted, and those involved, both staff and commenter will be banned.

This does NOT mean that we will not accept criticism.  It simply means we will not accept abusive behavior on the part of our staff or our readers.

If you have any questions, please direct them to publisher at furrynewsnetwork.com


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