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Fur Needs Help Reuniting With Family

By: Rainstar

PawsImagine, if you would, being abandoned by your birth mother at the age of five months. Imagine being adopted shortly thereafter. Imagine being constantly tormented by your friends and classmates because of this fact throughout your entire adolescence. Imagine finding your birth family via the internet and trying to reestablish contact with them, only to have them pull the rug out from under your feet and stop the e-mails and messages. Imagine the pain, loneliness, heartache, and sorrow you endure daily.

Many of us will never know this pain; and yet some of us already do. Take, for example, Krissy Pelchat, a.k.a. Paws the Wolf. This hellish nightmare is this poor girl’s unfortunate reality.

Paws was abandoned twenty years ago due to her birth mother’s inability to provide for her. Since then, she has been searching for almost her entire life to find her birth mother with no success. Eventually, through Facebook, Paws established contact with her grandmother and uncle – both of whom she had obviously never met. After some time, Paw’s birth mother emailed her and they finally were able to talk for the first time in twenty years.
The happiness, however, was short-lived. Sometime after contact was established between Paws and her mother, the conversations from all three parties stopped. It is unclear what caused this drastic change in correspondence. Needless to say, Paws was devastated. Eventually, she managed to re-connect with her uncle and they have been talking ever since. Paw’s personal Furaffinity journal explaining her tragic story can be found at http://furaffinity.net/journals/2227748/.

Encouraged by the prospects of meeting her birth family, Paws has begun saving up money to travel and visit them. However, due to school and other reasons, Paw’s work hours were severely shortened and she is unable to save enough money to fund her trip. One of Paw’s dear friends, known on Furaffinity as DJ Wulf, has graciously started a donation box to fund Paw’s trip. The journal and donation box can be found at http://tinyurl.com/help-paws.

Paws said this to express her emense gratitude towards her friends and all of those who donate to her cause: “I’ve always dreamed of just knowing my birth mother and family were alive, and now I’ve gone even further than that. With what little money I have saved, and with the help I never would have thought to have received, it’s now looking like a possibility. I’ve already reached one dream; knowing they’re alive. And now I finally have the chance to do something I never dreamed of. None of this would be possible without the support of my loving mate, my understanding family, my truly amazing friends, and such a loving – open-hearted fandom. (a.k.a. FURRIES!!)

Paw’s trip will take place sometime around the beginning or end of Anthrocon. Please donate to help reunite this girl with her family.

Note from FNN Publisher: Rainstar has contacted Paws and verified through photos, and screen shots, all pertaining to the story. Please read the information your self. We wish Paws luck.


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