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ActFurOnAir: S3 Episode 1


You’ve waited patiently for months, and now your parched eardrums can be sated with the bubbly lemonade that is our show. We’re back for season three and we’re better than ever!

For our first episode of this new year we’re talking about clothing and apparel and how they fit into the design of your characters. We’ve got an amazingly expensive dog, new zodiac signs and scientists creating a real life meat-a-don!



New cities, new homes.

For those of you that don’t know the ActFur hosts have relocated since our humble beginnings in season 0.5. Jeneara has relocated to Adelaide, in southern Australia, while Carnival and Kraden have joined forces in Melbourne, creating the brand new ActFur Studio HQ-A.

You can find out all about Carnival & Kraden’s move in their new blog – PaletteSwap.blogspot.com


We’d like to thank Evil Hamster of Doom, Evanesca, Original user and Phase 2 for their donations over the season break. Remember to put your sign name into the comments when donating so we can give you points for your generosity!

Can you still buy ActFur tees?

Yes and sorta. We’ll be taking orders up until our next print-run, which has no set-date yet.

If you are looking to plaster some ActFur all over your BoooooOOOOoodeh, please drop us an expression of interest to theshop@actfuronair.com and we’ll chase you up with a proper ordering sheet soon!

Audio Letters in Mp3 if possible please!

Also one last thing on the updates everyone. If possible please send your audio letters in as Mp3 where possible, it makes inserting your audio into the show a lot easier, and doesn’t chew up as much of our download quota.


Ze whurlds mose expenseeve dawg

Big Splash, the worlds most expensive dogand he’s so fluffy! 

Jen kicks off the news with the worlds most expensive dog. Named Hong Dong (aka Big Splash), he is a rare Tibetan malamuke with two big figures to his name. Not only is he weighing in at 81kg at only 11 months of age, but he is priced at a whopping $1.5million.

While specifics of the sale were kept confidential, the dog’s seller said it was a multimillionaire coal baron from northern China who bought the red-haired rover named Hong Dong – or ‘Big Splash’, the New York Post reported.


The Meat-a-don exists!

The mighty steak-a-don of eastern AustraliaThe mighty Steak-a-don of Eastern Australia 

(sent in by Sam Aronax)

A friend of ours, Kitfox Crimson, was once asked;

“In a world full of Anthro’s, where all animals are people…what do they eat?”

His solution to this problem was the MEAT-A-DON! Sentient wads of meat peacefully roaming the countryside.Well…it turns out we’re one step closer to that reality, as scientists have successfully grown stem-cell pork a.k.a synthetic meat. Not only is it slightly juicier (and we quote) slightly smoother, but it also has to be exercised mechanically for it to actually develop properly.


Serpentarius, your new zodiac sign

The serpentarius star signI’m serious, it’s a dude holding up a snale 

Those wacky scientists have thrown yet another wrench into the poor wobbly gears of pseudoscience. This time it’s emotional astrology that takes a beating, as your ability to match a Leo with a Sagatarius might get a little shifty after Serpentarius has joined the ranks.

After Facebook and Twitter have taken up the new star sign, it’s become…well…somewhat official. Those of you born into your current signs remain the same, while those born after a certain date can claim the tamer of serpents as their sparkly symbol right next to their birth stone and favourite tea.

The new dates are as follows

  • ARIES = APRIL 19 – MAY 13
  • TAURUS = MAY 14 – JUNE 19
  • GEMINI = JUNE 20 – JULY 20
  • CANCER = JULY 21 – AUG 9
  • OPHIUCHUS (Serpentarius)= NOVEMBER 30 – DECEMBER 17
  • PISCES = MARCH 12 – APRIL 18




This episodes discussion topic was inspired by an audio letter from Sheamus Halford, thanks Sheamus!

Character outfits

Carnival outfitWork it! 

Kraden outfitStylish! 

Jeneara outfitSexy! 

The fandom is a creative place, with each character unique in their own way. Normally this is expressed via character quirks and interesting designs on the characters actual body, but what about the clothes?

Do the clothes make the character as well? Can they be as recognisable? And can hanging clothes be the same as changing a pattern of markings?



Kell’s Wonderful Life – Almuni Games

Kell’s Wonderful Life – Alumni games

What do a collection of the worlds smartest people do for fun for a week while at Yale? Challenge each other to puzzles of course! The kind of puzzles that would make the layman’s head implode into an inverse kinoscoptic meat-o-gram, and Kell was lucky enough to be on one of the teams.

Silent paranoia – Homeopathy

To break into the new season, this episode of Silent Paranoia jumps right in with its sights firmly locked on the issue of homeopathy, an 18th century system of alternative medicine that still finds a wide following today. Will it stand up to the test, or be found to be simply just another piece of psuedoscientific nonsense?

Links: Wikipedia – HomeopathyJames Randi on HomeopathyDoes homeopathy work?

TinyCat’s Gaming Breakdown – Pokemon Black & White


Resident TinyCat returns this year to bring more video game reviews!

To hit the ground running, we bring you a new review that is almost as checkered as his wardrobe! Pokémon Black & White versions!

If you have any requests, suggestions or feedback on TinyCat’s Gaming Breakdown shoot off an e-letter to tinycat@actfuronair.com

Fenris Rants – you lot!

Bawww bunny by Marci McAdamBawwww indeed 

Fen Rants kicks off the season with everyone’s favorite punching bag, furry drama. And zombies.

New game segment – Bacon Quest

Bacon Quest Logo

We also start our new audio-play game. Inspired by pick-a-path RPG novels and general RPG humour, the characters must set out to save the kingdom of Bay’kin from the doom of disappearing tastyness.

After each episode you’ll be given three choices, choose the path for the characters to take and win points to a series of fantasy themes prizes, as well as the main show prize.

See the BACON QUEST page for more details.





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