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ActFurOnAir: Eye of the Tiger with Kell Bengal


Kell bengal and Kraden band together for ‘Eye of the Tiger’, a new sideline segment run by Kell asking the in-depth questions on various topics.

This episode we interview Markos from the Furry News Network, a brand new highly successful furry news site dedicated to bringing you the latest in the fandom. We talk to Markos not just about the FNN, but also about how acting as a media resource can affect the fandom at large.

The Furry News Network started in January 2011 and has been delivering news and updates for and from the fandom ever since. They’ve made a name for themselves by delivering a professional looking site, professional articles and a wide variety of content.

For our flagship Eye of the Tiger interview we contacted Markos, a founder of the FNN and talked with him, not just about their project and how listeners can get involved, but also about how being a media resource is accepted by the fandom. Does positive media reign? Or does a sense of impartial mediation and honest journalism garner respect form the community and world at large?



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