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KnotCast: Episode 136 – I Liek U

Author: KnotCast@foxstuffers.com
This week on PonyCa… wait, no no.. This week Savrin Sparkle, Fuzzyshy, Shiva Dash, and Rekkie Pie ..

This week on Knotcast, its all about reaching out and escaping the dreaded FRIEND ZONE. We hear tales of success and failure, and have some fun back and forth. Threatening to kill your cohorts is just teasing! …Yeah..

This weeks song is ‘Golden Cupcakes’ by Markingdude. It’s pony. :3
DL links on the page.

The mini-story read by Savrin in the last minute of the show is titled Big Mac Isn’t Picky, but has no author information on its google docs page. 😦

Also, in the theme of More Pony, Savrin, Flain, and Special Guests will be putting together a MLP podcast maybe-one-shot here in the next week.

Don’t forget our coupon code ‘knot’ at AdamEve.com for a great deal.

Episode 136 – I Liek U (AAC; 22 MB)
Episode 136 – I Liek U (MP3; 51.3 MB)


Find the full article here: KnotCast News

The contents of this Podcast may have adult language and adult themes. The content is not produced by Furry News Network, but is posted for your convenience.


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