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U.S. Congress Removes Wolves from Endangered Species List — A Legislative First

By Jerry James Stone @ Treehugger

Congress, for the first time ever, has removed an animal from the Endangered Species List. Unfortunately, for the northern Rocky Mountain grey wolf, it was caught in the crossfire (soon to be literally!) of last Friday’sFederal Budget compromise and is no longer considered endangered.

“The Environmental Protection Agency was cut by $1.6 billion, a 16-percent reduction, and lawmakers from Western states were able to include a rider allowing states to de-list wolves from the endangered species list,” explains Brian Merchant, about Friday’s decision. The rider puts the management of grey wolves in the hands of both Montana and Idaho. Though, just last week a, federal judge bucked this idea because he felt it would actually increase commercial wolf hunts within those states.

Whats’ really obscene to me is that Congress has actually set this precedent. Okay, it’s not really the first time. Congress did inadvertently delist an endangered Tennessee fish called the snail darter by approving a dam originally slated to protect the fish. But the difference being that Congress was not overturning scientific findings, it was a legislative loophole.

Read the rest of the article at Treehugger

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2 responses

  1. I have had so much anger about this, since it got started last year during election season. Assholes.

    April 14, 2011 at 6:27 pm

  2. Monfang

    Before people start screaming for heads to roll, take a deep breath and relax, ok? Wolves aren’t going to go away. It is an isolated group of wolves in the rockies that are already suffering from inbreeding. I’m going to speak the truth and it’s gonna hurt, if we don’t kill them and make use of them, the inbreeding and disease will. Now there are plenty of ways for YOU, that’s right YOU, to protect and save them.

    1. Support relocation programs: The wolves in question are isolated from other wolves and will suffer from inbreeding, by relocating them, they can mix with other wolves and that will save them.

    2. Support conservation and limits on hunting: Call your local senator and congressmen (Both at local and federal levels) and tell them you want to conserve the wolf populations already in existence and put a hard limit on what people can hunt. Also make sure it’s law to make use of every part of the wolf if it is hunted. We do it with alligators in Louisiana, we can do it with other animals elsewhere.

    As apposed to the writer of the artical who showed which politisions are bad for animals and what not, get out of the hate game and focus on doing what needs to be done to save the animals for our future generations to enjoy. Don’t say who’s wrong and who’s right. Do something! In my state, David Vitter will have a townhall meeting, you can be assured that I will ask him questions concerning this.

    April 16, 2011 at 6:45 pm

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