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Drop in Web Traffic?

If you run a furry related website, some of your traffic may be vanishing thanks to a new type of Search Engine abuse.  We’re still looking for more detail on why this is happening but common search terms are now showing up like this:

We searched Google for “furmeet” – This was #18 on the list.  We’ve noticed this on other searches.

Mephit Furmeet
Sharingmephit furmeet head count art community Pictures of themephit furmeet, a furry convention in olive branch Videos , photobucket picture, 

Clicking on the title link launched http://kingsoft-antispyware.co.cc/fast-scan/ – a program we have never heard of before.

Right clicking and opening either the title link or the bottom link in a new tab brought us to “Eagle First Realty” with no sign of anything having to do with MFM.

If you find a link like this in your browsing, Google has a new feature that allows you to block this from your searches.  Make sure you are signed in with your Google account and click “Block all eaglefirstrealty.com results” – A different block link will show up for each bad result.

This has other potential issues.  Whoever is doing this is also gathering large amounts of Furry art and embedding it in the bait pages.  The sites we have seen before have well known pieces from across the fandom.  This is a snapshot from Google’s site preview for the link we showed above.

It is unlikely that the web site owner in question – in this case Eagle First Realty, is even aware of what is going on. It is more than likely a marketer that has promised them massive amounts of “high quality” traffic. They build hundreds of link pages with embedded images and search terms that Google and other search engines then index. The marketer then goes back in and does a “301 redirect” to the real website.

Please watch what links you click on. If you find something fishy like this, block the link and report it to Google. Help drive crap like this off the internet.

Here’s another site that we just got a link to: http://jeffvenableproductions.com/thuja-macro-furries-girls/

Update: This tip just in from Rydel

I work IT at a large Software company and our security group did find information on this issue (it affects non-furry sites too and posed a security risk), but all of this information is available to the public.

A group of hackers found a way to get a massive push of false certificates for several major sites: login.live.comwww.google.com,mail.google.comlogin.yahoo.comlogin.skype.comaddons.mozilla.com, and “Global Trustee”.

Many Web browser creators have released updates so that their web browsers will reject these modified certificates. Any user affected by this should take the following steps to protect their system, based on their web browser:

Internet Explorer: Install Microsoft Update KB2524375 at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2524375

Firefox: Update to Firefox 3.6.16, 3.5.18, or 4.0

Chrome: Update to latest version (I don’t have the version number with me, but can get it when I check my work email tomorrow)

Opera and Safari do not have a fix at this time. I don’t have information on any other browsers, but if their creators have released an update in the past few days, updating to that is strongly recommended.

Rydel – Thank you for the tip!!


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  1. Rydel works for an IT company and doesn’t know what “hacker” means? Good grief.

    April 11, 2011 at 6:36 pm

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