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Cracked.com: Monty Python Predicts the Rise of Furries

Cracked.Com recently published a piece about how some comics have predicted the future. They cite eight examples over the past 40 years. Some have been quite uncanny in their accuracy. Even the British sketch comedy troop Monthy Python seems to have made a somewhat accurate prediction – about the then unnamed Furry Fandom.

Cracked features this as #2 in their top eight list.

From Cracked.com:


We’re hoping we don’t have to explain who Monty Python are, but suspect that we probably do for some of you. They were simply the most well-known and respected comedy troupe in the world back in their day.


Their sketches and movies were a unique combination of topical and absurd. So much so that this surreal style is now referred to as “Pythonesque.” But not even they could outdo real life. The second episode of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, way back in 1969, featured one such “Pythonesque” sketch entitled “The Mouse Problem.”

OK, maybe that one time we got hammered at Disney World. But that hardly counts. And we were way more into Goofy.


Intended as a satirical view of homosexuality and the controversy surrounding it, the sketch takes the form of a news report, investigating a growing social issue of men dressing up as mice as a sexual fetish. These “mice” go to parties, eat cheese and squeak, and these behaviours have resulted in a public outcry against the lifestyle. The newsreader is joined by two guests: an anonymous “mouse” insider, and a psychologist who poses the question: “Who here can say that they have never been sexually attracted to a mouse?”

This sketch fails to remain “Pythonesque” in the age of the Internet, thanks to “furry fandom,” a phenomenon so popular that we’re assuming more of you have heard of it than have heard of Monty Python — 2008 played host to nearly 40 conventions for furries. And a recent survey [NOTE: Not the survey conducted by University of Waterloo & Niagra County Community College] shows that while most furries consider themselves entirely human, nearly half admire qualities of other animals, and 3.5 percent truly think of themselves as animals.

Only 1.4 percent of those animals bear any resemblance to a living creature.


And as for the sexual fetish aspect of it, well, that’s something you can take up with Google Image search. Have fun.

Read more: http://www.cracked.com/article_19146_8-absurd-jokes-that-predicted-real-life-events_p2.html#ixzz1J93yH41y



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