Furry Fandom 24/7/365

What the Fur?

Let the infection start!

The infection is spreading. It starts with a vague hunger, something is missing deep inside. Something is needed. After that comes the longing, the deep want for something to fill the void. Twitching sets in eventually, muscles moving of their own accord. Soon, those infected begin to move, infecting others and spreading the desire, the hunger. Soon a few of the infected gather together. And then a few more. Soon a hoard descends on the city, spreading the infection to anyone they come into contact with.

And that, boys and girls, is how a convention is started.  Welcome to 2011; the year of the Apocalypse. The year that Montreal will fall under the teeming masses of furries.

What The Fur is proud to present: Zombie Apocalypse: Night of the Furry Dead

What The Fur, Quebec’s only full furry convention. What is What The Fur? Why the name? those are all excellent questions.

What The Fur was started as an idea following the end of the C-ACE conventions in Ottawa. Some of the staff of the convention, and some of the long-time attending folks didn’t want the good times to end. So the thought came that a new convention should be formed. A convention that focussed more on the Furry side of things than C-ACE had. And thus was born WTF?. It has taken a few years, and quite a lot of work, but here we are.

What exactly is What The Fur? We’re possibly the best furry convention in North America. We’re not too busy, not too relaxed. We have a little bit of something for everyone.

In 2010, WTF? had an attendance of 228, with roughly 21 fursuiters in attendance


What The Fur is proud to be partnered with the St. Lawrence Valley Natural History Ecomuseum to be the recipient of our charity donations and auction!

The Ecomuseum is a private, non-profit educational wildlife park located on 11.3 hectares of land on the west end of the island of Montreal in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue. It is a place where you can observe and study indigenous fauna and flora in their natural habitats. They house everything from bears to deer, foxes to porcupines, otters to eagles. Even coyotes and wolves!

We invite you to learn a little more about the Ecomuseum by visitng their website at http://www.ecomuseum.ca, and if you have the time when visiting Montreal for What The Fur, stop by and visit them!


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