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Eurofurence, ConFuzzled announce merger – APRIL FOOLS

Edit: If you didn’t get this, Euroference and Confuzzled pulled a fast one. This was an APRIL FOOLS JOKE.

Author: GreenReaper

Popular european conventions Eurofurence and ConFuzzled have announced their intent to form a combined body: EuroFuzzled.

The merger made a lot of sense, as slippery convention spokesotter Tungro explained:

Running a convention involves a lot of logistics and expertise, as well as time and commitment. In order to reduce costs and overlap, it is in the interests of both conventions to pool resources together.

The UK and DE editions of EuroFuzzled will still be lead by Matt Lion and Cheetah respectively; however, art show panels, registration systems, badge printers, regualar guests, hired entertainers and gophers will be shared between the conventions.

The news goes some way towards explaining the recent notice of ConFuzzled’s cancellation.

Find the full article here: flayrah – furry food for thought

Creative Commons: Full post may be available under a free license. Before blowing up, remember the date…April 1…


2 responses

  1. Murkrowzy

    coulda named it “ConFurence”. sounds better, yes?

    wait, or is that already a convention name…i forget. XD;

    April 2, 2011 at 3:42 am

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