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Alex Vance reads “On the Bright Beach” by Kandrel

Author: toonces

It’s when the darkness seems most severe that the storm clouds start to part and the sun starts to glimmer over the landscape. It’s a scene not uncommon to literature, one that may have provided the opening image for thousands of unpublished works by now. This resonates with people because nobody goes through life without experiencing a winter to thaw out of- it may be a figurative winter, a season in a lifetime, a trial of mood that is met and conquered. Or it might be literal, evincing the real struggle against cold, one that comes on as firm and definite a schedule as the neat grid of any calender would suggest. But you don’t face these winters without learning to recognize the coming of a fairer season.

On the Bright Beach will be that crisp view on the horizon, if you’ve been following our readings. Each story seemed a little more severe than the last. But if thousands of words of the pulpiest story we’ve featured yet doesn’t cheer you up- go outside and get a little sun.


Find the full article here: The Bad Dog Book Club » Podcast


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