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Furcast 35 Suck My Crucifix

Author: studio@xanacreations.com (..::XANA::.. Creations)

Another purely hosted, well produced, (ocd since we moved the table in the studio slightly to the right) FurCast episode. Some great debates from news, and some interesting emails. All thanks to you guys ❤


  • G4 Attack of the Show Covers Furry Weekend in Atlanta


  • What the Comic Book legal Defense Fund Alert Means to Furry


WikiFur article of the week:

  • “Furry Lifestyler”

Topics Discussed (copied directly from Google Moderator):

  • “What would a “mainstream” furry be like, in your opinions?”(Renoch)
  • “Why do you not like insects when they have brains and are intelligent. look at an ant colony or a bee hive they could be like a wolf back.” (bleh bleh McBlehimhime)
  • “What are your thoughts about people finally getting up from their entertainment hazes and fighting for issues that really affect them? Case in point…the G20 and continued efforts of govertment worldwide to control populations. Furry aspect of this?” (iamalama)

Emails (Sender – Subject):

  • [insert name choice here] – “3 questions for U”
  • Toni – “Phatom shift questions”
  • Alnix – “Advice for the Obscure”
  • Renée – “Can I haz emailz nao? O.O”
  • Bishop – “Conservative Collar Insertion”
  • Askor, Kit, Fluffy – “Email about Wyckdfur”


Find the full article here: FurCast


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