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Deaf puppy learns sign language

Author: AshMCairo
“Three-month-old Alice, a black and white springer spaniel, is learning non-verbal commands including sit, come and roll over.

She was dumped by a breeder in Ireland at just eight weeks after he realised she couldn’t hear – and was taken in by animal charity The Blue Cross.

Staff were worried no-one would want her because she could not respond to an owner’s calls.

But Alice has found her perfect match in couple Marie Williams, 41, and her partner Mark Morgan, 43 – who are both deaf.”

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Find the full article here: furryne.ws / Published News


One response

  1. SemJay

    This is really not that hard to do. I have trained deaf dogs in the past and all my current (non deaf) dogs have learned the same hand signals. They tend to work a little bit better because they train the dog to focus on YOU and not the sound of your voice. It comes in handy, I recommend it to anyone.

    March 28, 2011 at 7:05 pm

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