Furry Fandom 24/7/365

Furcast 34 Generic Configuration

Author: studio@xanacreations.com (..::XANA::.. Creations)

Trial number two of the new, successful, and yet still unprepared system up for full implementation. “Success.” “Five Stars.” Really? Pawsome.


  • “Seminole Area Furry Arrested for Plotting Columbine Style Massacre”


  • “FX announces “Wilfred” Sitcom featuring anthropamorpic dog”


  • “Next for Minecraft: Pet wolves”



  • Josh a limited host due to Work and College
  • Shroud gone for two weeks in Minnesota

WikiFur article of the week:

  • “Biofurs”

Topics Discussed (copied directly from Google Moderator):

  • “If a furry is forced to/leave(s) the fandom, Are they really leaving the fandom? Or is it just a “You can take the furry out of the fandom but , you can’t take the fandom outa the furry?” kinda scenario?”
  • “Anthropomorphic Book Characters (Twilight does not count as a book BTW)”
  • “Furries Connection Between Mythology.”

Emails (Sender – Subject):

  • Virtus Coyote – Perception Is Reality… Or is it?
  • Sekaru – Sekaru’s First Phantom experience
  • Ryolo X – Please read near the start!! PLEASE!!
  • Autumn – Shifts and a question or two
  • Hyäne – Please help
  • Ryolo X – (no subject)
  • Dakota – Happiness!
  • *Breaking News* Chance from Furry Weekend in Atlanta
  • Dakota – Happiness! (continued)


Find the full article here: FurCast


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