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Ian and Hunter Youbook

By: TheIronweasle

Ian and HunterOn August 27th 2010, shortly after my joining of the Fandom, I started something new, a book on youtube. I was the first to ever do this, interestingly enough. But I digress.

I started writing Ian and Hunter. The story surrounds the young man Ian Hunter, who has awoken in a medievil village populated by a strange(or not, to those reading this) Race of animal people. However Ian can’t remember anything before waking up. As he adapts to life in the village, and attmpts to revcover his memory he learns that war is brewing, and he might be part of a deep political struggle.

Now as I’m sure many of you see, this sounds very similar to Twokinds. This is because I was reading it at the time I started. However, it is only the basic background that is similar, and the story becomes much different and darker as it progress.

So check it out at youtube.com/TheIronweasle please give your comments and criticisms. However please note that this is a first draft in which I plan to edit afterwards, and I use extremly bad editing tools, so know I am very aware of misspells.

EDITORS NOTE: This is a user submitted article and is seen as self promotion and not news, however, the concept of a “Youbook” is interesting. With the move to either e-books or audio books, this is a very different approach. Please take a look and give your opinion. Good luck with your project.


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