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“One Week” by Whyte Yote

Author: toonces

Some of the best stories are simulations of the more sinful desires, and BDSM certainly falls into this category. While Whyte Yote offers up a story that is absent of the bondage or sado-masochistic aspects, he creates a story with a starkly defined dom/sub binary- and does it with a muted, even disaffected touch that enables vivid imagery. Issues of class and race (as far as they can be somehow projected upon furry animal pseudo fantasy-people, or whatever) give the story a special bite, one that can often cause conflict between writer and reader.

And for those who were looking forward to a little bondage: If I don’t learn to stop futzing with my hoodie zipper during recording session, you can presume in future recording sessions that my hands are cuffed behind my back.


Find the full article here: The Bad Dog Book Club » Podcast


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