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Andrew Rabbitt reads “One Week” by Whyte Yoté

Author: alexfvance

There’s a certain thrill in the development and polarization of power roles. Yeah, you don’t want to let Foucault infect everything you think, but when one guy’s seated in a throne and another’s on his knees, it makes things easy to understand. Especially when you start to dress that dynamic in intriguing imagery- a torn suit, dark hardwood floors, looks that are centered in the whiskers rather than on his lips- and it’s no surprise why so many people get a special twitch in their nerves from a good dom/sub story.

Whyte Yote breaks open a treasure trove of glittering images in his story “One Week,” which you may have already read.

But we don’t want to leave the commuters out, either- so here is an audiobook version, as read by the one and only Andrew Rabbitt. Gas up the crude generator you use to recharge your Zune in a dystopian future, world’s last remaining furry!


Find the full article here: The Bad Dog Book Club » Podcast


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