Furry Fandom 24/7/365

Furcast 33 Fox Academy

Author: studio@xanacreations.com (..::XANA::.. Creations)

A first of a new system. Tried, and succeeded, we relax for the second half of the show as we take on some more emails. A great trial, a few bugs, fixing them on our to-do list. Can’t wait for next week.

News (Article – URL):

  • Cougar Extinction


  • Tails WebComic


Announcements (Provided by WikiFur.com):

  • March 11th to 13th Furnal Equinox
  • March 17th to 21st Furry Weekend Atlanta
  • April 8th to 10th Furry Connection North
  • April 15th to 17th I-CON (Sci-Fantasy Conv.)
  • April 21st to 25th Wild Nights
  • April 28th to 1st Mephit Mini Con

WikiFur article of the week:

  • “Therian”

Topics Discussed (copied directly from Google Moderator):

  • “Anthropomorphism in Video Games?”
  • “Fursuiters. Talking in suits. Breaking the magic or making it real?”
  • “Top 10 Furry Conventions”

Emails (Sender – Subject):

  • Lily the fox – “hey”
  • Jak Shim – “An update and another question”
  • Anonymous – “Furries at school”
  • Aves Sakkri’Du’Ono Sinarael – “helo this is my first time emailing”
  • Zayne Wulf – “no subject”
  • WiseNDeadly – “no subject”
  • Anonymous – “Confused fox”
  • Anonymous – “The heat of fursuits”
  • Landon Ookami – “numb feeling”
  • FuzzFox – “Relationship Experience & Advice Required”


Find the full article here: FurCast


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