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Dragon*Con Fandom Music Video Contest seeking Furry Music Videos

Alice and Furries at Dragon*Con 2008

Dragon*Con is the largest pop-culture, sci-fi and fantasy convention of it’s kind. The event hosts between 60 to 65 thousand attendees and spans 4 days over the labor day weekend, completely selling out all hotels in a two mile radius of down town Atlanta. Over the past three years, the convention has showed an interest in getting more furries to participate in the convention and its related programming. It is estimated that aprox. 2000 furries actually attend the event, however, only a few hundred ever really make there presence known. (Estimates based on actual registration data)

For the past 7 years, Dragon*Con has hosted a music video contest. With the contest growing to 100 entries in 2010, and attendance of the awards ceremony topping 400 attendees, the music video staff opted to split the competition into 2 segments – anime – the more traditional music video seen at conventions, and now a new “live action” category which can be made with film footage from any live action tv show or movie, or acted out by amateurs and filmed.

The organizers have been soliciting submissions from all fandoms – Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who and even Twilight. Now they are reaching out and asking Furries to submit their muisic video creations.

Anyone interested in participating can read the rules at www.fmvawards.com. There are 2 submission deadlines left for the 2011 contest. The next deadline is April 15.

The categories and explanations are as follows:

  • Romance – Videos that focus on a love story between characters.
  • Drama – Videos that evoke an emotional response from the audience through a medley of music, video, and editing which usually involves dramatic subject matter or dramatic elements from the anime.
  • Comedy – Videos that contain parody or wacky content. As long as someone thinks it is funny you will probably be okay.
  • Action – Videos that focus on action whether it be fighting sequences, fast-paced imagery or motions of characters. Think ACTION!!
  • Fun – Videos that make you feel good. They get your body moving, feeling the groove, or just bring a smile to your face. Dance, Trance, Techno, Happy slice of life pieces and other types of the sort.
  • Other – This category is for videos that don’t fit into the rest of the categories. Movie Trailers, Horror, Experimental Videos, WTF’ers, etc., they all go here.

There is a hope that at least a few submissions will be furry or furry relates, and it is hoped that there will be some fursuit videos included.

Below are the two videos that did best in the live action category last year:

1st place: Live Action

Fan Favorite Overall Winner


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