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Georgia Furs Stone Summit Meet

On a cold Saturday night, a group of intrepid furries set out on an adventure. They stepped into their harnesses, secured their ropes and chalked their paws and set out to climb. The goal; conquer Stone Summit!

Twenty five came to the event, including a few of the board members from Furry Weekend Atlanta. Fursuiting was welcomed. The event space was shared with Stone Summit’s youth program who were having a shut in for the evening.

Georgia Furs has had a long standing Tuesday night furmeet. Starting with the Stone Summit event, they are moving from that format to one large Furmeet event a month, along with a “dinner club” on Tuesday nights that will move from restaurant to restaurant.

Local furs are encouraged to get involved. Visitors from out of town are always welcomed! If you are planning on showing for either the monthly event or the Tuesday dinner club events, you are encouraged to RSVP so they can let the facility that will be hosting the event know how many to expect. There are times when the Georgia Furs meet has had over 50 in attendance and overwhelmed the restaurant that they were meeting at.

If you are interested in finding out more, or want to see what event is coming up next, you can go to the Georgia Furs website.

The following video and photos are highlights from the event.

Images by Furshoot.com


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