Furry Fandom 24/7/365

“Thou Shalt Not Kill” by FuzzWolf

Author: toonces

Maybe it’s about time Skip and I come clean about something-

You see, we’re- we’re robots. We were programmed by Alex Vance to run the book club arm of his furry publishing empire. And while we hope you won’t hold our lack of souls against us, it does explain the minor kink in our programming that causes us to identify so well with characters such as Unit JVCS3163- who you possibly know by his slave name- who skirt the line between real and unreal. Especially since that can be a rather potent source of some pretty steamy pulp. Which, as emotionless droids, Skip and I see as intriguing new territory.

If you haven’t had a chance to read the story yet, here are the text and the audiobook, including  a free eBook copy you can take with you wherever you go.

Find the full article here: The Bad Dog Book Club » Podcast


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