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These Guys Are Putting All Web Culture, from Furries to Lulz, In a Book

Posted by Don_Caldwell
on Monday, Mar 07, 2011
The three guys from MemeFactory, a live performance about web culture, want to write a book about the Internet, and they’ve made a Kickstarter page to make it happen.

As experts in Internet culture (one of them is currently pursuing a “Ph.D in lulz”) they decided they have way too much to say to fit everything into their live shows. To remedy this, they are compiling together a “Txt.book” filled with humor and insight into the wonderful world of image macros, remix videos and lemon parties.


Chock-full of the media we study, this text will contain ideas of use and interest to all corners of web culture: from b-tards to moral-fags, from redditors to SA goons, from “academics” to furries.

In case you’re still wondering what the book will actually be like, consider:

Will Goatse make an appearance in the book? Probably.

Will it also be a usable classroom text? Absolutely.

Has this ever happened before? Good god, we hope not.

They have also decided to use the Cory Doctorow model of distributing free digital Creative Commons licensed PDFs on the web, and will be selling print editions at their MemeFactory shows.

Having worked with these guys in the past, and after seeing several of their shows, I’m very excited to see what they come up with. Be sure to check out their latest show from Social Media Week São Paulo.

Via Motherboard TV RSS

MemeFactory Writes A Book Kickstarter Page


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