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Georgia Furs – Post FWA Bowling & Dinner Meet

A Southern Tradition continues after Furry Weekend Atlanta closes for 2011. Georgia Furs is sponsoring their annual post-con Bowling Meet and Dinner for anyone who remains in Atlanta, Monday, March 21.

The event starts off at Ten Pin Alley bowling center located in Atlantic Station. Ten Pin Alley is a high end bowling alley and night club. The facilities are very well kept and service is listed as excellent. Ten Pin is not your average Saturday night out with the fursuiters bowling alley – they have a world class bar and restaurant located in the facility, but you’ll want to wait for dinner later with the rest of the group. Speaking of which, Fursuits are welcomed and there will be a changing area.

After bowling, the event will move to Mary Mac’s Tea Room for dinner. The 65 year old restaurant is a true Atlanta landmark and southern tradition that should not be missed. The menu features classic southern dishes including fried chicken, country fried steak, meat loaf and over 30 side items including mac & cheese and fried green tomatoes. Dinner always comes with your choice of breads including muffins, corn bread and light southern biscuits. It wouldn’t be complete without deserts including bread pudding, fruit cobblers and of course, banana pudding.

You can purchase a complete package including bowling and dinner for $52, which includes transportation cost between Ten Pin Alley and Mary Mac’s, or you can purchase just bowling for $25, or dinner for $25. All packages include tax and tip, and for bowling, it also includes shoe rental.

You can sign up for the event now at MyFWA.com – listed under the “FWA Events” button, or register at the convention through Sunday night at 7:00pm. Online Registration closes at 7:00 pm Sunday, March 20th. After then, you will be able to register at the venues, but the prices will go up $10, so please register early!

Bowling will start at 4:00 – you will want to arrive early if you need to change into your fursuit. Plan on being ready to leave the bowling alley no later than 6:30pm.

Dinner at Mary Mac’s will be at 7:00pm

See the full event listing at the Furry Weekend Website

Directions to Atlantic Station and Ten Pin Alley
Directions to Mary Mac’s Tea Room
Mary Mac’s Menu of Southern Goodness (PDF)



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