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Book Review: Warriors

By: Rainstar

WarriorsMany, if not all, furries are aware of several great books that use anthropomorphic animals as their main characters. Such titles include the infamous Watership Down and the illustrious Red Wall. Many are also familiar with the very popular children’s series, Warriors written by Erin Hunter. Warriors is a very popular fantasy series that is centered around feral cats struggling to survive in the world. They face many challenges such as hunger, disease, natural disasters; lose of land, genocide, and war. The books also take an in-dept look at human problems and emotions, including: love, hate, loyalty, betrayal, scandal, religion, honor, valor, respect, desperation, weakness, jealousy, and anger.

These books could even be considered worthy of being taught in college. Erin Hunter’s superb writing style leaves you on the edge of your seat with beads of sweat running down your back. This book has many wonderful life lessons and morals that can be used in everyday situations. I find myself quoting the books more and more in my life. Don’t let the fact that it is a children’s book turn you away. These books have elements of all the popular genres of literature. The intense fight scenes satiate the barbaric war story lover; the love and heartache aspect will certainly satisfy any romantic; the ambiguity and betrayal portions will appease any mystery lovers; and the fact that the main characters are bloody talking cats will please any and all sci-fi and fantasy fans.

As of now, the book series contains over thirty books. These include the four, six book sagas, three large “Super Editions,” four “Field Guide” books, and a dozen or so manga. I own each of these books and have read each one at least three times respectively. Each normal book tops at around 300 or so pages. The “Super Editions” usually finish at just under 600. The “Field Guide” books usually consist of only 150 or so. The manga contain around thirty or forty illustrated pages. Axiomatically, the books are generally an easy read with large enough sized font. I’ve finished a book in less than two hours before and become saddened when I realized I have to wait a while before the next book comes out.

I recommend this book to anyone who can read a word of English. This book is certainly one to not be missed. Its fun, entertaining, simple to understand, and has moral values that will leave you thinking. The loveable characters, anxiety-inducing cliffhangers, hiss-and-boo antagonists, and relatable situations keep you glued to your seat and engrossed in the book until your light goes out. The superior writing ability and use of hundreds of literary devices make these books a primary choice in topics of book reports and research papers. I would even go as far as to say that these books rival the writing styles of F. Scott Fitzgerald – author of The Great Gatsby -and J. D. Salinger – author of The Catcher in the Rye.

These books are available wherever books are sold. Paperback editions are less than $7. Hardback editions are less than $17. They are also available on the Kindle store for significantly less, less than $5.

The Warriors Series: 10 out of 10.


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