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Alex Vance reads “Double Blind” by Teiran

Author: toonces

Everybody has a weakness for a good thriller. The characters can be so dynamic and lively because they need to be, to be able to kick down doors and go in guns blazing to get results- or whatever. Point is, heroes certainly aren’t slouches. And this week’s story, Double Blind by Teiran, which was originally published in Roar 2, has a squad of misfits who maneuver their ways through a technotopic world of corporate espionage and body modification. Each member of the group must adapt to the technological environment in their own way – even a ferret who, born with mystical abilities, must keep all the wires on the outside.

“The body was your connection to the magic,” the narrator explains of the ferret, whose natural abilities fill in the gaps where technology doesn’t solve the problem. It’s hard not to keep this message in mind when considering the team’s muscle, a horse who has gone through the assembly line more often than a Hollywood starlet under the knife, and works only to afford to continually upgrade his body. In a world where people are already showing off the Verizon logo in the lefthand corner of their shitty trendy phone, it’s easy to see a direct path between ourselves and a future not-so-alternate universe.

You may have already read the story when we posted it on the blog, alongside an ebook you can take with you. If you have, great! We’d love to get your comments on the story – you can post them here, or you can e-mail me at toonces@drivingcat.org. You can even tweet at us. And if you bring up some good points, we probably won’t be able to resist reading them at the next meeting.

But if you were waiting for the audiobook – to listen to it in the car, maybe, like your favorite driving cat – we have the wonderful Alex Vance reading for you below. This is the second time Alex Vance has contributed his talents to the book club – though generally he acts as a fixer, wooing every i with a dot, and intimidating the ts into crossing themselves.


Find the full article here: The Bad Dog Book Club » Podcast


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