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“Sanguine & Clockwork” by K. M. Hirosaki

Author: alexfvance

The reading that this podcast is a discussion of is located HERE

Thank you so much for stopping by! Not everyone’s arrived, yet- but I’ve still yet to get all the cheeses onto all the crackers, and- you brought a bottle of wine with you, right? Good- good. This is going to be fun, I think. I’ve always wanted to start a book club. I’m glad I finally found Skip and had someone organized enough to actually pull the thing off!

We wanted to start the show off on the right foot, so Skip and I dug into the Bad Dog Books archive and pulled out this entry from FANG 3 by K.M. Hirosaki, “Sanguine and Clockwork.” Written to fit the anthology’s theme of erotic fantasy, the story commits to a fantastic process of developing the relationship of two characters – Florian, a wizard, and Rentell, a Lord – to tell the story of a third character – Vico, an artificial fox crafted through sorcery and responding only and immediately to direct commands.

You can read the story right here on the Book Club website, where you’ll also find links to the story on FurAffinity and SoFurry so you can share your thoughts with the author directly.

For all the people who can’t read while driving like I can (though that might explain why I’m always driving over all those cliffs) we also have an audio book read by our very own Alex Vance.

Next episode, we’ll be discussing Double Blind by Teiran from ROAR Volume 2. You can read it here and leave comments – we might just discuss your thoughts or questions on air in our next meeting.

Thanks again for coming to this week’s book club!


Find the full article here: The Bad Dog Book Club » Podcast


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