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FNN Adds Bad Dog Book Club's Podcast to regular features

With the number of furry authors growing, as well as a swelling library of materials, FNN has begun adding book reviews to it’s features. Some reviews will be just that – an evaluation of the book, in written form. We have several people who will be working on reviews in the coming months.

To make this more of a multimedia experience, we started looking for podcasts about books and found the Bad Dog Book Club. They have just started their podcasting series in the past month. So far, the content has been very enjoyable. With this in mind, we approached them about syndicating the Podcast and readings here at FNN, and got the blessing of Alex Vance, Bad Dog Book’s owner.

The podcast its self is hosted by Skip Ruddertail and Toonces. The readings are being done by Alex Vance.

We’ll be releasing the current podcasts over the next couple of days to let everyone catch up. After that, you should see the podcast appear here in the “Book Reviews” category within a couple of hours of it being published.

I hope you enjoy the readings as much as I have and I encourage you to support the authors!

First Podcast will hit the front page this afternoon.


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