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Tiger Costume Puts Congressman In Trouble

Seven-term congressman David Wu (D-Ore.), who got into some hot water last week when it was revealed that he had sent photos of himself in a tiger costume to his staff, among other instances of bizarre behavior, has been making D.C. headlines all week.

But it seems Wu has ignored D.C. media. Most accounts of his erratic behavior come from his hometown newspaper, The Oregonian. Even Roll Call, which usually doesn’t have a problem getting a hold of members of Congress, had to rely on an interview Wu did with KGW-TV in Portland for their reporting. The Hill hasn’t been able to speak with Wu either. Instead, they cited his appearance on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” as did Politico.

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One response

  1. UGH. I saw this a while ago on some other site. These people keep bringing up the tiger outfit like it actually means something (is he in costume while giving a speech? A public gathering? WHO CARES THEN???). Also, that photo is SO shopped. How can anyone believe that picture is legit?

    March 1, 2011 at 4:41 pm

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