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PrestonI’m a furry from the Inland Empire Region of Southern California. I’m a twenty two years old student working on a Business Administration degree. I’ve been with the anthropomorphic animal fandom for the past eight and a half years. Up until recently I was a fox and would go by the name Foxpaws. I just changed my species to a skunk and you’ll never guess my new fursona’s name.

I’m a huge movie buff. I tend to watch fifteen to twenty movies a month. I’ll see pretty much any movie, unless it has too much romance, not enough action, isn’t funny, doesn’t involve a story line about getting laid and instead has a story line about making it special, gets too gay, gets too straight, or lacks a rocket launcher. Yeap, I have a very broad range of movies.

I also read tons of web comics. I found the fandom through the web comic, Jack. My library of web comics has increased to over one hundred different web comics since then. Some of my comics are the comedies such as The Class Menagerie, Furthia High School, and Bugcomic. I also enjoy the action comics like Zodiac, The Conspiracy, and Codename: Hunter.

I spend a lot of my time hanging out with people and driving across SoCal. I particularly love going out and meeting new people. It’s my love for people that makes me want to start a position here. Meeting new people is always fun.

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