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International Furry Survey Closes

We were contacted by Courtney “Nuka” Plante this morning about the status of the survey.

“We’re pleased to report that the response has far exceeded our
expectations!  We had been hoping for a response of between 250-1,000
furries, and ended up getting nearly 7,000 responses!  As such, we are
taking the survey down so that we can begin analysis of the data (far
earlier than expected!).

I was just contacting you to ask if you could take down the survey link
and/ or mention to folks that the survey is now closed, and if you could
thank them on our behalf for their enthusiasm and support for our
research!  When the data analysis is complete we’ll be sure to get in
contact with you and let you and the community know how to look at the
results from the survey and to keep up with how the data are being used in
scientific research!  And, of course, we’ll hopefully have another survey
up in the future, given how incredibly successful this one has been!”

Well done everyone!  Thanks to all who participated from the story link here or who retweeted our daily tweets!


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