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CBS Films new take on Beauty & The Beast: Beastly

As a Furry, I know hundreds, if not thousands of Furs who love the character of the Beast in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.  Likewise, there are a large number of Furs that love the character of Vincent in the TV series Beauty and the Beast.  I was excited to see what the new take on the story would be.

Beastly tells the story of Kyle Kingson, rich, handsome and arrogant,  with an ugly streak who gets transformed when he ditches a girl at his school.  The story is based on Alex Flinn‘s 2007 novel of the same name.

The producers made a huge departure from the book by changing the look of Kyle’s character.  Instead of going for a furry look as described in the book, they went with more of a goth look with facial tattoos and heavy piercings.

Though it is disappointing that the producers chose a different direction for the look of the main character, at least from the trailer, the film still looks interesting and watchable.  Beastly opens March 4th, 2011.

Here are further details on the film, including details on the makeup effects:

Pettyfer’s appearance in the film mostly features him wearing heavy makeup and prosthetics. The prosthetics differ from what is described in the book. Having no fur or fangs, Pettyfer was pleased with the revision:

I was very happy to know I wasn’t going to be furry. Question is, were you happy I wasn’t furry? Well, I think the audience will be happy. This beast make-up is phenomenal. You’re talking to someone who is a fanatic about it [prosthetics and movie make-up] and I’ve never seen anything that looks remotely similar to this.

The makeup was composed of 67 pieces. There were 7 pieces on his head, as well as 60 tattoos and individual scars applied following application of full-body makeup. The facial prosthetics and tattoos took almost three hours to apply, and to put on the full body makeup took the artists 6 hours to finish. Pettyfer commented on his ‘transformation’:

Buy movie tickets online now!It really affected me because as soon as I shaved my head it kind of put me in this weird place, the same place [Kyle is in after his transformation] which really helped me with the role a lot. But at the same time, it kind of is a challenge because you are fighting personally with your own problems off set, but then onset you have a great resource to go to.

Tony Gardner and Alterian, Inc. were responsible for the design and creation of the prosthetics and tattoos. Jamie Kelman handled Pettyfer’s makeup application from day to day. Hudgens described the beast’s look as “crazy” and that it moved her in “a really weird and peculiar way.” Several days before the announced production date, several members of the cast were photographed while headed to a wardrobe studio for fittings. The costumes and the wardrobes used in the film were designed by Suttirat Anne Larlarb.


  • Vanessa Hudgens as Lindy Taylor, the main female character of the story. Hudgens remarked that she fell for this project from the moment she read Barnz’s screenplay. Hudgens’ involvement was first heard in early April. Hudgens sported a ‘messy’ hair look in the early scenes of the film. She reveals, “On the first day of shooting, I would not stop fidgeting with my hair. I was trying to make it look messier and messier and messier and messier!”
  • Alex Pettyfer as Kyle Kingson/Adrian, the handsome man with an ugly streak who gets transformed when he ditches a girl at his school. The producers released a statement that they were seeking a teen actor in the vein of Robert Pattinson for the role of Kyle. Pettyfer was cast in late April 2009. Pettyfer had gained 12-15 pounds of muscle for the role and had to shave his head.
  • Mary-Kate Olsen as Kendra Hilferty, the eccentric girl behind Kyle’s transformation. Olsen was cast in early June, 12 days prior to filming.
  • Neil Patrick Harris as Will Fratalli, Kyle’s blind tutor Harris says “I’m the tutor that’s hired to teach him things, and I’m blind. Therefore, I can’t see his deformities.”
  • Lisa Gay Hamilton as Zola, the Kingson’s maid
  • Peter Krause as Rob Kingson, Kyle’s father
  • Dakota Johnson as Sloan Albert
  • Erik Knudsen as Trey Madison
  • Roc LaFortune as Lindy’s father
  • David Francis as Dr. Davis
  • Gio Perez as Victor

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